Responsible Hospitality

BC Hospitality Group is committed to integrating sustainability into our core business strategy. We choose the most sustainable solution, provided that it makes sense and adds value.

It is a commitment we hold in high regard, as we know it is not only important but also generates pride amongst our colleagues and owners, and builds trust with our guests, business partners and local communities. This commitment is brought to life through our culture and by embedding sustainable practices through our 360° holistic approach called Responsible Hospitality.

See Responsible Hospitality Report 2016

It is our objective is to be pioneers in the hospitality industry. To go beyond providing the best possible service and delivering the highest possible quality to our guests and customers. We want to show how contributing positively to the stewardship of our business, the environment, our employees and local community can all be compatible goals.

Our overall approach towards Responsible Hospitality is driven by the following commitments:

• We have pledged to support the UN Global Compact, which outlines ten principles on human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption, and to observe all local and international legislation.

• We strive to build strong relationships with our stakeholders and, through ongoing dialogue, strengthen our knowledge and understanding of our stakeholders’ future. We can thereby maximize our impact and strengthen companies’ social responsibility in all of our business activities.

• We leverage our position in the market to promote and strengthen sustainable development in our business practices and value chain through sustainable purchasing and sustainable products, services and communication channels.

• We strive to be a preferred employer by offering a diverse workplace where all employees are treated fairly and with respect, and where they can realize their full potential.

• We provide a healthy and safe environment for our staff, guests and business partners.

• We aim to protect the natural resources we have an influence over and to ensure that all potential adverse effects on the environment and climate due to our activities are identified and managed.

Our Responsible Hospitality strategy consists of a Human Rights Policy, Environmental Policy and Business Integrity Policy. We also have five foundational pillars with focus areas and initiatives within each of these.


Our Responsible Hospitality Policies

Business Integrity Policy
Through our Business Integrity Policy we promote responsible business behaviors throughout the organization to ensure strong culture of business ethics.

• We conduct our operations in accordance with the principles of fair competition and will abide by applicable laws and regulations

• We will in all dealings with business partners, seek to preserve the highest standards of integrity, objectivity, fairness, efficiency, courtesy and professionalism and will look to them to set similar standards.

• We will apply a zero-tolerance approach with respect to corruption, extortion and bribery

• We will not accept any personal gifts, gratuities, premiums or other incentives when choosing suppliers. We prefer incentives expressed in acceptable business terms, e.g., quality, service and price.

• We will only purchase goods and services, which supports the purposes of business for BC Hospitality Group.

• We will aim to ensure that the best value for money is being obtained and that its resources are being used to the greatest benefit.

• We will work towards a system of ensuring that our suppliers and business partners are environmentally responsible, are not complicit in any violations of human rights or labour rights and do not participate in or permit corruption in all its forms. 

The demands we make of our suppliers are specified in our Supplier Code of Conduct.  

Our Human Rights Policy
BC Hospitality Group acknowledges and respects the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our Human Rights Policy reflects our commitment to conduct business in a manner consistent with these principles and to protect human rights within our sphere of influence.

• We will support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights - in particular those of our employees, our business partners and within our local community.

• We will strive to not be complicit in human rights abuses and require our suppliers to do the same.

• We will ensure a healthy and safe environment in all hotels and venues.

• We will promote diversity in the workplace and will not tolerate discrimination

• We will respect our employees' rights to voluntary freedom of association and recognize their right to collective bargaining

• We will support employees with training and opportunities for promotion to help them reach their potential and maximize their contribution to our company strategy

• We will recruit, employ and promote employees on the basis of objective criteria, their qualifications and abilities required for the job to be performed

• We will provide several channels for complaints to ensure any concerns are efficiently addressed

Environmental Policy
At BC Hospitality Group we try to make a positive difference to the environment by taking steps to manage our environmental impacts in a responsible way. By closely monitoring and managing waste streams, and natural resources used at our hotels and venues, we can not only drive cost efficiencies, but also meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

• We will continue to improve our environmental performance and we will implement environmentally friendly solutions, wherever it makes economic and environmental sense without compromising the experience of quality and comfort at our hotels and venues

• We will make the most efficient use of resources our energy, water and other natural resources, promoting conservation and savings wherever possible and practical.

• We will incorporate environmental considerations, including animal welfare into our actions and procurement decisions

• We will raise awareness of environmental matters among our employees and stakeholders

• We will optimize our waste reduction through reusing materials where possible, recycling and limiting our use of hazardous materials where alternatives are available, economical and suitable.

• We will monitor, record and benchmark our environmental performance on a periodic basis

Certifications and Guidelines

UN Global Compact
BC Hospitality Group supports the United Nations Global Compact. This major United Nations initiative encourages the integration of social, environmental and governance principles in business activities. The ten fundamental principles upon which the UN Global Compact is based, relates to human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

The Green Key
Our hotels and venues are Green Key certified. Green Key is an internationally available eco-label awarded to leisure organizations, such as hotels, conference centers, and leisure facilities. To obtain a Green Key label we have to meet a number of environmental requirements. These requirements are contained in a number of criteria. In addition to environmental demands such as limiting the production of waste and decreasing the use of water and electricity, the criteria also include demands on policy, action plans, education and communication. At BC Hospitality Group we believe it possible to provide an outstanding guest experience and high level of comfort, while maintaining and extending our environmental efforts, by e.g., adhering to the Green Key requirements.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Certification
Hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers has gone one-step further in its commitment to environmental sustainability and adopted the internationally recognized ISO 14001. An ISO 14001 environmental management system is a systematic and process driven approach to controlling those aspects of our business that have a significant impact on the environment.

DS 49001 – Certified on Corporate Social Responsibility
Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers was number one in the world to complete a DS 49001 certification, a CSR certification based on the recognized ISO standards. The DS 49001 certification acknowledges that the hotel meets a range of requirements in the following fields: Organizational Governance, Human Rights, Labour Practices, The Environment, Fair Operational Practices, Consumer Issues, and Community Involvement & Development.

Responsible Hospitality Highlights

A Great Place to Work
Our employees are the core of our business and the secret to our success. They are the main reason we can provide the quality, service and professionalism we constantly strive to achieve. We are dedicated to offering our employees a positive, challenging and inspiring work environment. Participating in Great Place to Work survey gives us the means to continuously re-evaluate and improve our performance as an employer. The opinions of our employees are very important to us, so by participating in the survey, we gain valuable insights into our personnel-related work. We use these insights to continuously improve the welfare of our employees and ensure they have a safe and healthy work environment.

We have built the first ever groundwater-based cooling and heating system in Denmark. Hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers extracts heating and cooling from groundwater, 100 meters below surface. This system is unique as the water that is used for cooling in the summer is stored and is used again for heating in the winter. It reduces the energy consumption used to cool and heat by up to 70%.

We have also installed Denmark’s largest building integrated Solar Panel Park. All sunny surfaces on Copenhagen Towers are covered with ultra thin and high technology solar panels. This generates more than 200,000 kWh power on a yearly basis – the equivalent of the energy consumption in 60 Danish family houses!

Responsible Supply Chain Management
It is important for BC Hospitality Group that our suppliers meet certain standards of sustainability. Therefore, we require our suppliers to meet the standards set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct. We insist on compliance in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environment, anti-corruption as well as critical industry specific standards.

Sustainability that counts
We have a principle based approach when sourcing raw materials for food and beverages. We prioritize organic, seasonal and local (300km) products. We also work with suppliers to have as few deliveries a week as possible.  Animal welfare is also a key area for us, as well as focusing on sustainable fishing.
We are of the conviction that the concept of sustainability must not be applied too narrowly. Each product has its own unique impact on the environment and society. This means that we constantly have to weigh several principles in choosing the most sustainable product to serve our guests, with the resources at our disposal. E.g., we might source non-organic apples from a local farm as opposed to importing organic apples from Spain.
Below you can read a few examples of the sustainable products we provide for employees and guests.

Local community engagement
We place special focus on providing jobs and internships for members of the community who face added obstacles in finding employment. In collaboration with local councils and projects, we recruit candidates with various disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as candidates with diverse cultural and religious roots. We also provide many vocational internships for students from local educational institutions.

'Food' For Thought 

Orang Utan Coffee
In our search to find a better and at the same time more sustainable coffee has led us to Orang Utan Coffee. The Orang Utan Coffee Project helps farmers operate ecologically friendly coffee plantations without clearing rainforests. Thus this high-quality coffee is cultivated in a protected natural area on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, as part of efforts to preserve the rain forest habitat of the endangered Orangutan. For every kg coffee we purchase 0,50 EUR is given to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.  In addition, 0,50 EUR is given as an incentive to coffee farmers to follow the strict Orangutan Guidelines for producing Orang Utan Coffee. The guidelines are a combination of the Indonesian National Standards for Organic Farming SNI (essentially similar to Swiss organic farming standards) plus some additional requirements.

Pork From Henriksfälts Gård
The Swedish family driven farm “Henriksfälts Gård” is our supplier of pork. They breed pigs under healthy and environmentally friendly conditions. Animal welfare is the highest priority on the Swedish farm, this ensures that the pigs’ needs are always the focal point of the production. The pigs get hay from the surrounding fields, and have curly tails. Only natural fertilizers are used in the farm’s area, and it is all self-produced or from the nearby farm “Löderups Lantmän”. These conditions allow both animals and crops to live in harmony. 

Honey From ByBi
In addition to our traditional guests, Bella Center Copenhagen and AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen host more than a million bees every summer. The green areas that surround Bella Center Copenhagen and the flower beds of urban Copenhagen is a paradise for honey bees, which has become an endangered species due to the widespread use of pesticides. Our bees are cared for by the bee-keepers of ByBi, who recruit their staff from among asylum seekers, the long-term unemployed and the homeless. Our local bees can produce up to 50kg honey per hive, which we serve to our guests, and is used to produce our own local honey beer, called Bien Amber Ale.

Hopballe Mølle Chicken
We get our chicken from the farm Hopballe Mølle, their focus is on animal welfare and good ingredients. They offer quality meat sold directly from the farm without expensive intermediaries. Hopballe Mølle has bred chickens for more than 20 years and their experience shows in the daily work. The chickens thrive and have plenty of room to roam which, can be both tasted and seen on the meat as it results in better texture and taste. 

Milk from Øllingegaard Mejeri
Our milk comes from the dairy Øllingegaard Mejeri, who get their fresh milk from 11 organic farms in Zealand. Øllingegaard is in charge of both the production and transporting it to the consumers. By doing so, they ensure that great quality and sustainability is a part of every single step in the production. Øllingegaard Mejeri is 100% organic and driven by a non-profit fund. 

Nordic Beef 
Our beef is supplied by Nordic Beef. The vision behind Nordic Beef is to preserve and protect natural areas and landscapes in North Jutland, which are endangered by overgrowing. This means that the beef comes from animals that are also used to care for the vulnerable areas of nature. Through natural grazing, the open and bright landscape is preserved. Nordic Beef is based on selected cattle breeds - Healthy, rugged and calm animals enjoy the free life and the fresh green pantry in the nature of Northern Jutland.

Carefully Selected Fish
We buy our fish based on WWF's Seafood Guide (World Wide Fund for Nature), which is a guide to making sustainable choices when buying fish and seafood. 61% of the fish stock are fully utilized, while 29% are overfished. WFF cooperate with suppliers and supermarkets in order to increase the supply of sustainable seafood, they also engage in dialogue with the industry as well as researchers, to improve the environmental labels MSC and ASC. As we want to support this work, we have chosen to buy our fish according to WWF’s seafood guide.