At BC Hospitality Group we base our work on the concept of Responsible Hospitality. This means that we, in addition to delivering the best possible service for our guests and customers, also take responsibility for the impact that our business has on society and the environment and strive to affect our surroundings positively. 


We strive to be the leading hospitality company in Denmark by hosting moments that matter. This is our purpose and it encompasses our approach to everything that we do. We make the most of our potential to create positive impacts – for us, for our guests and for the community around us.

Due to this, we have defined sustainable focus areas and initiated concrete initiatives within each area. 


Read all about our focus areas, sustainable approach, activities and initiatives.

Responsible Hospitality Report 2019

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Responsible Hospitality Day 2019


Our annual event, Responsible Hospitality was in 2019 held in cooperation with Wonderful Copenhagen. 

More than 200 guests partook in the sustainablity conference, which this year had the theme "The Sustainable Guest Experience". Inspiring talks, exciting cases and lots of sustainable networking was on the agenda. 

Among the speakers were Freja Marie Frederiksen from Roskilde Festival who spoke about the festival's sustainable partnerships, as well as Trine Plambech from the Alexandra Institute, who told the audience about their approach to intellegent sustainability and how technology plays an important role in supporting the development. 

Responsible Hospitality Day is a day for companies, knowledge institutions, public institutions, restaurateurs and others. In other words, actors in - and around the hospitality industry.