Other business areas

Catering - 360° Venue Catering

360° Venue Catering is a part of Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers and delivers creative catering and carefully considered, sustainable dining experiences for all types of events.
We deliver everything from the food, chefs, and waiters to the cutlery and the decorations.

Leasing, Offices & Showrooms 

International House og CIFF Showrooms house the permanent leasehold premises. International House is our newly refurbished serviced office adjoining Bella Center Copenhagen. 
CIFF Showrooms is Scandinavia's largest fashion house for professionals, in which leading fashion brands have their showroom.

Transportation - Bus & Limousine services

In Bellagroup we offer a variety of transport options for guests and customers in our various venues and hotels in Copenhagen. 
We offer airport- and cruise shuttle service and additionally our buses and limousines are available for hire for all types of driving.